La Noria:

High Quality Pedal Boats

At last, finally available in Canada!

​With their fun and flashy looks combined with various choices of slides, La Noria truly reinvents the image of the pedal boat.

​These top of the line pedal boats are spacious, stable and robust. Whether of commercial of personal use, rediscover the pleasures of being on the water.

Nautix is proud to become La Noria's exclusive pedal boat distributor accross Canada.

Much, much bigger 

than a standard four seater pedal boat

  • Garanteed fun!

  • The perfect family activity in the summer.

  • Lakes, outdoors, reconnect with all the pleasures offered by mother nature.

Environmentally Friendly

Promotion and protection of the environment is a core value of our company.


Our products are recyclable and their usage is emission free.

All this without sacrificing the fun!!

La Noria: 46 Years Of Experience

Through all theses years they developed a triple layer technique with a polyethylene foam to avoid pores which gives greater strength and buoyancy to all their boats.


Distributed Worldwide

Finally, in Canada, we are proud to distribute La Noria products throughout the country.


La Noria is currently the largest pedal boat manufacturer in Spain and Europe.


Come and experience what you’ve been missing out all this time!

3 Year Warranty*

La Noria uses a highly advanced manufacturing technique no longer has to prove itself.

As a result, La Noria offers a three-year guarantee* on all their products.