About us:

Nautix, proud distributor of

La Noria products

Nautix distribution searched the globe to offer Canada with high-quality pedal boats with a sleek and attractive design and accessories. We must say that we are very proud to partner with La Noria, Europe's largest manufacturer of pedal boats.  For many years, these products have been distributed through Europe, and now, finally in Canada.

Respect of the environment is a value that we cherish. This is why we are proud to offer products that are in line with today’s environmental concerns. Our boats are zero-emission, silent and made with recyclable materials. All of this without compromising on the fun.

La Noria’s triple layer technique combined with a polyethylene foam will surely make them by far the highest quality pedal boats currently available to the Canadian market. 

Whether the product will be sold for commercial or personal use, we are convinced that you be satisfied with your purchase.  


About La Noria:

La Noria is currently the largest pedal boat manufacturer in Spain and Europe. It began its journey more than 46 years ago, and has always stood out as a pioneer.  

In all this time, they commitment to improve, to obtain the highest quality that exists in the market in our products, and innovate day by day, has been the fuel of our factory. All this, in order to be able to offer our customers the greatest satisfaction when enjoying our products. Thanks to this, La Noria is internationally recognized.

The company is at the forefront in pedal boats, kayaks, boards & boat manufacturing. Their triple layer technique with a polyethylene foam to avoid pores, gives greater strength and buoyancy to all their boats. This high quality process allows them to give a three-year guarantee on all their products.

La Noria is also concerned about the environment and that is why their products can be recycled.


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