The Perfect addition to your cottage

Stand out with this exclusive product. Much more spacious than your average pedal boat, this product can be a great addition cottage. Whether your located on motorized or a non-motorized lake, offer these great moments to your family and friends. The wheels offered on all our models can also facilitate its transportation,  no need for a dock!

La Noria products offers original designs, bright colours, plenty of space and most importantly, the biggest slides you’ve ever seen on a pedal boat! Whether you choose the car, vine, duck or flamingo style model, you will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood. The optional slide will guaranty hours of fun with you family and friends.

These top-of-the-range pedal boats come with a unique construction. La Noria uses a highly advanced manufacturing technique witch no longer has to prove itself. This technique makes their products very robust and durable, resistant to UV, salt and to shocks. Not surprising that La Noria is currently the largest pedal boat manufacturer in Spain and Europe.

Concerned about safety? Our boats are safe. Safety will always remain our main concern. And for that, our manufacturer guarantees that their boats meet all the safety standards. 

A fisherman? Why not!

These boats a silent, stable, roomy and easy to manoeuvre. It makes it the ideal boat for fishing.