The Modular Islands enjoy an INNOVATIVE system of hermetic manufacture, which we obtained by joining two pieces of 300 cm x 150 cm x 40 cm by means of a Union Kit.

It also has 2 access stairs, a trampoline and a slide. It offers several possibilities to be used according to the needs.

The Modular Island is built in a single piece of high resistance anti-grape polyethylene.

Fun for all the ages.

Space adapted to the capacity and size of the Modular Island, always looking for maximum comfort and security.

Enjoy your Modular Island with the peace of mind of having our guarantee of at least 3 years.

All our Modular Islands pass rigorous buoyancy tests.

No more paperwork, no adjustments. No surprises or setbacks. Buy and use your La Noria Platform Modular Islands just after receiving them. Start discovering the fun they offer at the moment and notice the fruits of the investment made.

Contact us if you are interested.